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Crafted with love and the highest quality materials, our products are built to last, ensuring they stand the test of time and curiosity.

From our iconic Mini Chef Kids Kitchen Set to the innovative Montessori Style Silicone Placemat, each item is meticulously designed to foster independence, encourage practical life skills, and align with the cherished Montessori method.

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Bundles for Every Developmental Stage

The Confident Toddler - BundleMontessori Toddler Set placemat
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The Confident Toddler - Bundle

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The Toddler in Training - BundleThe Toddler in Training - Bundle
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The Toddler in Training - Bundle

$89.99 $98.95
Messy Chef Kids Cooking Set BundleMessy Chef Kids Cooking Set Bundle
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The Starter Set - BundleThe Starter Set - Bundle
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Meet our Founder

Hi, I'm Karen - and I love Montessori!

It changed the way that I parent. Instead of seeing children as little trainable human beings, I now see them as young individuals needing respect, love, and guidance.

However, like a lot of modern parents, there have been times that I have found it difficult to implement. So, my mission with Montessori Mates® is to help make the modern Montessori parent’s life easier and thus, help children grow up more independent, confident and capable.

x Karen L.

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