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Terms & Conditions on Pre-ordering Items

Please make sure you have read and understood all the conditions written here before submitting your pre-order.


PRE-ORDER: These are items that are not available and/or are currently sold-out. Pre-order is placing orders in advance which requires full payment at checkout.

1. If you combine your purchase of pre-order and non pre-order items in one checkout, your order will be dispatched once the pre-ordered items become available.

2. Estimated Date of Arrival: An approximate shipment date is advised when the order is placed. This date is based on the shipment schedule of our projected production order with our supplier. It is not a guaranteed date.

3. Once ordered items have been delivered to you, our standard refund and exchange policy. Please refer to our refund and exchange policy.

4. In the unlikely event where your pre-ordered item/s did not arrive to Montessori Mates® from our supplier or there is not enough stock to support your order, we will refund your payment in full. Additionally the customer (you) cannot perform any legal action against Montessori Mates®.

5. You can cancel your pre-order any time, if the product has not been shipped yet. However, a $10 cancellation fee will be deducted from your refund amount.

6. By placing a pre-order with us, you agree to accept our preorder terms and conditions.


Questions about the Terms of Service should be sent to us at



Montessori Mates® reserves the rights to amend the Terms and Conditions at any time without prior notice.