Baby Weaning Glass Cup - 90mL


How exciting is it to give your baby their first glass cup?! This Duralex 'Provence' cup is a great size and shape to give your baby a great first experience with glassware. Easy for babies to grasp and bring to their mouths, this cup can be filled with water to accompany their meals.

Why tempered glass? It's more durable and if broken, instead of breaking into large sharp jagged pieces, it will break in a safer way by shattering into many small pieces. 

We recommend getting 3-4 cups to start with (for inevitable breakages and rotation).

  • Great weaning size (90mL)
  • Easy to hold shape
  • Tempered glass (more durable and safer when broken)
  • Dishwasher safe

Learn why Maria Montessori advocated for children to use fragile and breakable items here.


Please use with adult supervision.

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Grace Urban

This cup is so perfect for transitioning from a sipper bottle. My Son has really enjoyed having his own glass and is becoming more independent each time he experiences success. It's a great size and easy for him to use and hold.

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