Original Montessori Mates® Silicone Placemat


Montessori Kids Silicone Placemat 


If you're in search of an easy-to-use (and clean!) silicone Montessori placemat, you're in luck! Our Original Kids Montessori Silicone Placemats are THE perfect addition to any family mealtime! Our Montessori-aligned silicone placemat is designed to make mealtime fun and independent for kids of all ages.

Our Montessori Kids Silicone Placemat was designed to promote the development of independence, self-sufficiency, and self-confidence in your children. Not only do they learn essential practical life skills such as responsibility and taking initiative, but they also develop a sense of community by participating in fun family mealtime activities.

Perfect to use with most of your current kids tableware or check out our functional stainless steel cutlery and our durable glass cups, bowls and plates range here.


Montessori Silicone Placemat Information

  • Useful size 28 x 43cm to catch most spills and food messes
  • Solid weight (270g) & thickness for a premium feel
  • Material: 100% high-quality LFGB-approved silicone so it's food and baby safe
  • Available in a rainbow range of colours
  • PVC, Lead, Phthalate & BPA free
  • Raised outer border to keep spills contained
  • Raised cup, plate and utensil outlines to provide visual and tactile guides
  • Stretchable loop in the top left-hand corner to help hand or roll up the mat to easily store it away when not in use
  • Non-slip silicone mat backing that will stick to the table
  • Save time - easy to wash!
  • Dishwasher safe but we recommend a quick hand wash after use
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    Montessori info

    Why Use a Montessori Placemat?

    Using a Montessori placemat during meals with children is important as it fosters independence, promotes fine motor skills, and encourages a sense of order. The placemat provides a defined space for each child, allowing them to set their own place at the table and participate in mealtime routines. It also supports their hand-eye coordination as they practice using utensils, pouring liquids, and arranging their food. The Montessori placemat helps kids develop concentration and respect for their environment, as they learn to clean up after themselves and maintain a tidy eating area.

    What Makes Montessori Mates' Placemats Special?

    These kids' silicone placemats are super easy to store and use, making breakfast, lunch, and dinner a breeze. Simply wipe the placemat clean with a damp cloth when food messes are made. With our easy-to-clean silicone toddler placemats, even the kids can learn to simply wipe clean the placemats themselves!

    Our placemats come in a colourful rainbow array of colours, allowing you to create a fun and personalised eating experience for your child or toddler. The colourful and educational silicone placemat is a favourite among kids, making mealtime a fun learning experience.

    Montessori Kids Silicone Placemats are the perfect tool for promoting independence and a sense of community in children while also giving parents a moment to relax and enjoy family mealtime.

    And while the children enjoy using their colourful silicone placemat, parents can also enjoy a few moments of peace as they watch their kids take care of things at their own colourful table setting. With the kids occupied, parents can focus on finishing up dinner and enjoy a stress-free mealtime experience with their family - a true sanity saver!

    Support your child's independence and development while you get to save time cleaning up the dinner table!

    Read more about Montessori's observation of children's need for order here

    Customer Reviews

    Based on 25 reviews
    Sandrine Ross (Sydney, AU)
    Great placemat

    I bought this mat 3 years ago when my first child started solids. He still uses it every day and loves it! The plate doesn’t slide, which makes it easier for him to eat. And he loves putting his spoon, fork and cup in the right spot. His little sister has one too now :)
    They also saved my table, as he sometimes would hit the table with the fork but the mat prevents damage. The mat still looks brand new after 3 years!

    M.D. (Arcadia vale, AU)
    These mats are amazing

    Love these! High quality, thick and easy to clean. They are such a great addition to your montessori home

    Tini (Melbourne, AU)
    Cute and useful

    This mat is great for my toddler to learn how to start setting the table, super easy to clean and comes in nice colours. It's also a bonus that it doesn't slip off the table and you can stick suction bowls and plates to it.

    Tash (Sunshine Coast, AU)
    Perfect for what I was after

    Great sticky surface to introduce some ‘real’ plates. He’s quickly picked up the outlines too, it’s a really great mat, and the loop makes picking it up very easy,

    DM (Sydney, AU)
    Toddler loves the placemat

    I was hesitant to get this as I didn’t this it was necessary. I’m glad I did as my 2 years old loves it. She will get it every mealtime and placed her cutlery on the allocated spots.


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