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Great for little ones

I bought these for my great nephew who has just started showing an interest in helping in the kitchen. He'll absolutely love them. Thanks

Silicone Reusable Mini Muffin Cups
Kristina Farinella (Melbourne, AU)
Amazing quality!

Love how easy these are to clean and the fact that they are reusable!

Mini Chef Kids Kitchen Utensils Set
Ian Nye (Brisbane, AU)
Kiddie cookers

What are the children's cooking utensils excellent arrived just before her birthday very happy with your service

Pouring Practice Set
April (Brisbane, AU)
Perfect set

Always been wanting to get something for my LO where he will feel more in control and the fulfilment of accomplishing something with his little hands. We practice montessori learning at home but this is the first time that I actually bought him something that is child size 🤭 I should've bought it earlier but of course it's never too late!!! Highly recommended..

Pouring Practice Set
Alessandra (Florence, IT)

Good quality, my kid loves to use this set!

Pouring Practice Set
Farrah Zeini (Melbourne, AU)

Pouring Practice Set

Messy Chef Kids Cooking Set Bundle
Steffi O’Brien (Sydney, AU)
Beautiful product

Absolutely love these products for my little ones ❤️

The Confident Toddler - Bundle
Kristina Farinella (Melbourne, AU)

My son loves using his confident toddler bundle, he has such a sense of accomplishment when he uses his jug and cup!

Child-Sized Glass Pouring Jug
Jessica (Sydney, AU)
Great Montessori-Styled Jug

I bought two for my 12 month old twins. They are great quality, reasonably priced, and the perfect size for little hands. Thank you!

My son likes eating with these!

Messy Chef Kids Cooking Set Bundle
Jasmine Grimm (Adelaide, AU)
Absolutely amazing!

Everything from this store is amazing quality! I absolutely love the products so much! They are such a perfect size for kids and my little one has loved cooking with them, they definitely promote inspiration!

The placemat is easy to clean with a wet wipe or a wash.

Kiddikutter Wooden Kids Knife
Sarah (Sydney, AU)
Buying more!

I bought this for my son’s birthday who loves being in the kitchen with me. He absolutely LOVES this knife. He already loves being in the kitchen, but being able to give him a task like slicing up some cucumbers and not being worried he could injure himself is so helpful! Problem is the other boys want to help, so I’ll be adding some more knives to our kitchen set!

Kids Wavy Chopper Knife
Emillee Glossop (Perth, AU)
Love it

Daughter loves being involved in the kitchen it also gives her something to do and work on motor skills etc.

We love this set!

My son loves being in the kitchen and he absolutely loved receiving this set for his bday! We’ve used it many times, they are the perfect size for little hands!


My baby likes to hold it while we feed. He is still learning to eat with it.

2 x Kids Stainless Steel Cutlery Set
Rita Boutros (Adelaide, AU)
Kids cutlery

I’m so happy with the quality and love that they are stainless steel as her silicon cutlery held soap residue.


We invested in the full baking kit for Indianas 3rd birthday. Each morning she wakes up wanting to make pancakes or muffins. She can almost make pancakes on her own. She cuts up her own strawberries using the cutter and the chopping board. One of the best and most used present she received. As a grandparent we bake together using her baking kit. I like tongs which are not sharp. This set could be used for people with disabilities to teach them the love of cooking. Cooking healthy food and pancakes are healthy and tasty. We use strawberries and yoghurt. Or banana, yoghurt date and cinnamon. We teach our children these are super foods that give us super powers, like reading and running fast.

Ambi Kiddie Kids Chopsticks
Abigail Wood (Chandler, US)

Ambi Kiddie Kids Chopsticks

This is a great knife for young children.

Excellent set

My year old son is so excited to cook with me again, he loves that he has his ‘own’ set.

love it!

love this set, super cute design and easy for my toddler to use to learn how to chop.

Absolutely lovely product! And easy for my LO to use

Great toddler cups

Love these straw smoothie cups for my little kids. A great product!

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