Is it 100% silicone? Do the PINCH Test to find out


Many products on the market are often labelled as 100% silicone but did you know that this may not necessarily be true? Some cheaper brands will use plastic fillers or additives to reduce costs but this may compromise the strength and durability of product.

So how do you check for potential fillers in your silicone products at home?

Do the pinch test!

Simply pinch or twist the silicone. If it changes to a white-ish colour, then it most likely contains fillers and is not 100% silicone. If you have a pure silicone product, twisting or pinching it won’t change its colour.

All of our silicone products (placemat, cutlery, bibs and cups) are made of 100% LFGB standard, food-grade silicone. They won’t ever show that white colour!

Plus, they won’t smell or retain any odours. That’s how you know they’re food safe and safe for our little ones.