Child Sized Glass Pouring Jug


Looking for the perfect jug for little hands? This is it! Made of high-quality European soda glass, this glass mini pitcher is durable and dishwasher safe. The clear glass is also great for children to visually see the liquid inside and so, know when it's empty and needs a refill.

Children will enjoy using this small size and as it is made of glass, they can be encouraged to handle it carefully.

Ideal for practical life activities, drink pouring and transferring exercises.

  • Child-sized (230mL)
  • High-quality glass provides visual feedback
  • Refines small motor movement
  • Glass material encourages care in use

Learn why Maria Montessori encouraged children to use fragile and breakable items here.


Please use with adult supervision.

Customer Reviews

Based on 6 reviews

Perfect little jug ! We use it every morning for my toddler to pour his milk and during meal time i filled it with water so he can pour his water .

He loves doing thing , making meal time more fun and we use this for play as well .

Such a cute little jug .

Love it!

We absolutely love our pouring jug - 10/10 recommend for your toddlers and young children.

Alice M

This jug is the perfect size for little hands. My toddler uses it every morning with ease and confidence to pour his milk into his cereal! I love the independence this jug assists to provide him!

Camille F
Glass Jug

Absolute best size and design for little people learning independence at meal time.

Penny F
My little jugs.

My little jugs made it safe and sound. They are beautiful and perfect. Thank you.

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